As Partners in the Hungarian Harvest you’ll help us: 

  • To reach hundreds of  college and high school students during this evangelistic blitz (60% of students speak English).
  • To distribute Student Survival Kits among freshmen on universities.
  •  To give presentations in English classes both on university campuses and in high schools.
  •  To organize two major outreaches for college and high school students.
  •  To speak at dorm outreach events for college students.
  •  To share the gospel with students through your personal evangelism.

Beyond that you will have an opportunity to get to know Hungarians who have a burden to reach their country and the world with the gospel, and also to tour Budapest, one of Europe’s most beautiful cities



During each of the past BHHPs the Lord has led us to hundreds of students who have indicated they would be willing to talk about knowing Christ personally.



Jesus said: “The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.” Matthew 9:37             

Would you please join us?  



BHHP is both physically and spiritually demanding as we will be traveling to campuses in the city and initiating with college students almost every day!


It was one of the best evangelistic mission trips I have ever been on. God taught me how to trust Him more in one-on-one evangelism, and in random evangelism. He taught me to use the power of the Holy Spirit.”

…this was an amazing experience and I hope to do it again soon.”

He stretched me so far beyond my comfort zone.  Our team leader told us we’d feel different when we returned to “our old lives”. He was so right.  It has really been difficult to return to work and see the greed, pettiness and bitterness in people…I believe God wants me to do something else with my time and career, so I am praying.”

I learned how to share the Gospel! I learned to trust God to lead me. I have grown so much. The staff is so professional and caring! Everyone has a heart for the Lord. The organization, team work, devotional were all excellent. Thank you!”

“He gave me a joyful week of seeing Him work. He showed me the harvest is plentiful! I am impressed by the staff and the way they present the gospel. I would like to see the opportunities that are there to be involved in this type of ministry at home.

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