“The way the country has suffer and how open it is to talk about faith.”
“No culture shock….am getting used to Budapest.”
“I loved the student led prayer on Monday morning. It was my highlight of the week…what a great way to begin a week of ministry.”
“It is a great thing to help plant the seeds with the students, it has really help open my heart to do more of this type of work.”

“I had one student that was very hesitant, but we talked to him and gave him a copy of the four spiritual laws. I later saw that student again and he was reading them.”
“I really am glad God brought me back for a second year to experience another awesome week with sharing the gospel to university students and the student leaders energy and knowledge on the diagram of the 4 principles. Awesome!!!”


“I met several young students and took their picture after we had the small groups. We will continue to talk on facebook.”
“Always challenged to share the Gospel more when I return.”
“grew and help me share with others my story”

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