“I was very nervous about going on an evangelism mission trip. After God convicted me to go on a mission trip for the first time; I found the experience much easier than expected. I enjoyed sharing testimony and speaking with others about Christ. I have been very encouraged to tell others. I have spoken at three different events since I have returned. My basic message is that anyone can and should do missions. I hope to encourage those that might fear they are not qualified or nervous about going on such a trip; to take a faith step and go.”
“God used this trip in SUCH A HUGE WAY. I knew something big was going to happen because of the process that happened before I even reached Hungary. I really should have shared this story at our banquet but I did not want to get emotional. God used this trip not only to grow my faith but also to show me and put a deep desire in my heart to do missions full-time.”
“Since this was the 1st time out of America and too visit Europe – the opportunity to see the history of the city and hearing from the students about their history. The sites of the city was AWESOME and the people were open to speak English.”

“It was a great experience to talk and share with students and to see how open they were to talk about God but many didn’t believe there is a God.”

“It was very fun for me to share Christ with people in another country. The students’ willingness to talk about spiritual things was very refreshing for me. Sharing with students on campus was a bit intimidating at first, but I absolutely loved it after I did it once.” “Im grateful to be able to share my knowledge of Jesus to others and share wonderful blessing and testimonies. I know if God did good things for me he will do the same for others.” “Being able to share about my time in Budapest has provided a natural and easy conduit to talk about Jesus and relationship with Him with my friends back home – it’s a great platform to speak more directly about spiritual truths.”

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